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Together, We Can Secure Your Largest Investment.

WSS/Hanover Partnership

The Hanover Insurance Group and Water Security Solutions (WSS) have partnered to help their policy holders access unparreled knowledge and expertise with choosing water security systems, to help you get custom-tailored protection at a fair price.

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Your Insurance Company's Trusted Partner.

WSS is the insurance sector's premier, trusted ally in combating water damage with 18+ years of experience in creative solutions. We've provided expert consultation on water damage prevention, catering to both intricate commercial and residential properties, satisfying property owners and insurance companies alike.

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We now proudly offer the Water Which® program to share our consulting insights and partner discounts, and help you protect your home or condo with the most compatible system for you, at a lower cost!

Water Protection Experts for 17+ Years

Not Sure Where to Start? Let Us Guide You.

1. Purchase

Purchase and download the Water Which® assessment form to complete with plumber, and return for $75.

2. Form Review

WSS will review the completed form and email a selection of compatible, discounted options.

3. Choose System

Make an informed decision about your preferred option and purchase with $75 credit applied.

What Makes Us Different?

We'll make choosing your system stress free, providing peace of mind.

Complex Proficiency

We tackle the challenges in complex properties to safeguard your valuable assets.

Unrivaled Knowledge

We've extensively tested and know all leading water systems, ensuring choice with confidence.

Lifestyle-System Insights

We help you choose a system that balances convenience and security, aligning with your lifestyle.

Extensive Plumbing Network

Access plumber contacts from our 4,000+ network, to consider for your onsite form completion and installation.

Everywhere you are, so are we.


Seamless Service Integration

From selection to installation, our property questionnaire for system options and installer referrals, offers a one-stop-shop experience for your insurance protection requirements and convenience needs.

Vetted Professionals

Plumbers in our 4,000+ network are experienced with leak protection installations and have provided proof of liability insurance for listing in our network**.

Exclusive Access

Using our Water Which unlocks a gateway to top-tier plumbing talent in the filed and the most experienced and educational water security system options consulting in the industry.

Nationwide Reach

Established pro pluming installers in almost every state*.

* Installers are in areas with high historic demand but we can recruit new installers in previously unserviced areas if demand requires, upon request.

** Installers are independent companies from WSS. WSS recommends you re-confirm insurance status with installers at the time of their scheduled work.

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We Know Water Leak Prevention

How Should I Protect My Home From Water Damage?

Here's a few important recommendations.

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Water damage is 6 times more likely than burglary. Even if the claims are paid, your premiums may rise and, there is still the cost of deductibles and irreplaceable time and heirlooms often lost from the damage and repair process. Installing a discounted water security system in your home can potentially save you all of that loss and headache for a lot less money!

Hanover has criteria to follow for protection and any resulting premium discounts you may be eligible for. We can help you choose the right protection for your preferences, after we review your Water Which® Property Assessment Questionnaire results.

The Assessment Questionnaire allows us to compare the different systems against your needs based on your plumbing configuration and other factors, so we can offer you the most compatible options at Partner Discounts, all in one convenient location, helping you save time, frustration and money!

Two options for your consideration:

Automatic Water Shut Off Devices detect water leaks throughout the whole home and turn off the water supply when a leak is detected. They can be flow based monitoring for abnormal flow, or sensor based, using water detection sensors on the floor at all plumbing-connected appliances. If the device senses abnormal flow or a water sensor on the floor or in cabinets gets wet, the valve on the main water line to the home will automatically shut off the water to the whole home. Most of these devices can also be set to notify the user remotely via app-based alerts, and allow remote control of the valve. Some can also connect to your existing monitored home alarm for remote notification.

Water Detection Sensors can be installed at all plumbing-connected appliances to detect leaks on the floor or in cabinets at those appliances, that must be connected to a central station monitoring alarm system for remote notification to the user or, must be set to send app-based alerts to the user via smartphone or computer. This option alerts you to an issue, but someone still must be at the property to manually shut off the water.

The secondary option without automatic water shutoff may be necessary for condo-type residences where there is no option to shut off water to the entire residence due to the communally sources multi-family building plumbing configuration which varies among buildings. Take our Water Which Assessment today to find out your best options!

Our Hanover Customers

Trusted with over 10k+ assessments performed.

Our water security solutions make life easier for our customers.

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While our commitment to privacy means many of our accolades remain between insurance carriers, brokers, and their clients, some of our testimonials speak volumes about our dedication. Here's what our customers have to say.

"Took me a little time to learn how to use it but glad I did. This thing prevented what could have been a huge mess in my vacation home when the toilet supply leaked. My alarm company notified me and my caretaker who was able to clean it up with a mop. Thanks!"

Coriss Ambady

Naples, FL

"I cannot thank you enough for your help today. You not only got my system working, but you helped me understand all the various settings and how best to use them. I thought you went above and beyond, connecting me via phone bridge to the manufacturer when we got stumped connecting to Wi-Fi. Most tech would have just given me their number, but you stayed with me throughout the process to ensure my system was operating properly."


Atherton, CA

"As a homeowner, I found Water Security Solutions staff to be very helpful and extremely knowledgeable when consulting with me to install an automatic water shutoff system after my hot water heater burst. I only wish I had known about their service and water security systems before my water damage occurred."

Jim Zamora

Ft. Myers, FL

"Our hot water heater blew in spectacular fashion and our insurance company recommended I promptly call Water Security Systems to prevent an incident like this from happening again. They helped me sort through the various device options, explained what was best for my home and were very patient throughout the process."

J. Baldwin

Tampa, FL

"I installed this system in our large house and overall have found the components to all work as advertised. No complaints at all. All components worked the first time, every time. Often with RF controlled home devices you have issues or inconsistent operation. Not so here. Overall, I give this system 5 stars because it works so well."

Sarah Brooten

Naples, FL